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Future Visions

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.   Alan Kay

What are the personal and collective future images held in our schools, organizations and communities for the 21 st Century? How positive or negative are the images of the stories we tell of the future? How shared and urgent are these future visions? In a world of action and bottom lines, how important are future visions to our lives? Buckminster Fuller, author, scientist, inventor, poet, and engineer, believed that the success of the human experiment on-board Spaceship Earth depends greatly upon individuals having access to tools which empower them to see the Big Picture (vision) and together take strategic action. The decisive challenge is to generate a critical mass of awareness, matched by cohesive effort, focused on implementing our option for success before it expires. Fuller believe as many others that humanity always has the unprecedented option to succeed by imagining and believing IT possible. (

Having moved from oral storytelling to written text, digital storytelling now enables individuals and community groups to craft highly engaging vignettes that "show" with multi-sensory details their imagined futures. Digital stories of future visions evoke strong, positive emotions of hope and possibility showing what it is vividly like when we get "there." While paper stories of future scenarios are generally published to share with others, the uplifting sensory experience of possibility only touched the group that actually participated. However, using the magic of digital stories, large numbers of other individuals and groups not participating in the original future vision can ALSO grasp the sensory experience and urgency needed to changed even though they were not there. The digital stories are easily created in future-making events alive. These future vision digital scenarios enable leaders to emotionally connect a large community with the stories of new possibilities and engage a larger community in translating the vision into reality. Those who were not there are thus able through viewing digital stories to experience, share, feel and participate together in living the new vision into reality as well.