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Living Memories

Deep in a wooded forest, each of us is creating a path; the path is the story of our decisions, our thoughts, our fears and our hopes. (

These stories are personal experiences as well as kinship memories. Even as a child your life immediately began to fill up with stories of you. As a young or aging adult your string of accumulated stories now defines who you are, what you believe and how you choose to live your life. The stories that we tell others and ourselves reveal who we think we are along with identifying our purpose, meaning, and worth in life. Telling personal stories publicly celebrates our life.

By taking time to reflect upon your life experiences and perhaps being willing to enhance or restructure your story from a new perspective, the story will enable you to heal or redefine the path you walk. Even the simple act of searching the multitude of possible personal stories to tell allows you to sort, prioritize and finally select one life experience that represents something especially important to you now.   Each digital story uses a personal experience to develop a living memory with a specific point, a moral, an a-ha awareness or a specific understanding.

Stories keep memories alive. Your life stories as well as your family's stories about the most memorable life experiences are worth preserving. It is now possible through digital media to make your personal stories come alive for generations to come. Not only the story itself is captured and preserved. But the art of weaving original photos with living artifacts of voice, scanned artifacts and music literally leaves a living legacy through time.

And just think of the joy and insights your life story will give to all those who know you and all those who are yet to know you in future time.

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